What is Hibiscus?

What is Hibiscus?

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I know your curiosity is aroused and you really want to know what hibiscus is. I know you want to know all about this magical plant, as many may refer to it. Well, the hibiscus is a shrub or tree, common within the tropical. It is distinctively characterized by its trumpet-like shaped flowers, which are of great use, as various researchers have suggested.

The researcher like Immortalitea has proved that hibiscus does well in the tropical, which have soils that are acidic, well moist and well drained. The same plant also does well in soils that are fertile and which with fundamental minerals such as potassium. In addition to the fact that the hibiscus does well in fertile soils, potassium rich soils, it should be noted that hibiscus does well in the open environments as well as an indoor plant. When existing as an indoor plant, the hibiscus should be placed near windows, while facing the sun.

Heard of the Mallow family of plants? Well, the hibiscus belongs to this family of plants. Under this family of plants, the hibiscus is further grouped into the hardy hibiscus and the tropical hibiscus. There are distinct differences between these two types of the hibiscus. On one hand, the hardy hibiscus is well adapted to survive the winters and extremely cold weather conditions. On the other hand, the tropical hibiscus is not adapted to survive the winter. It is a plant whose survival depends on the steady temperatures of an average of about 70 F.

The two mentioned hibiscus species thrive at different environments as mentioned but it is worth noting that the despite the fact that the hardy hibiscus is adapted and can survive in freezing conditions, it is a plant that can grow well in warm weathers around the world. The frozen conditions are a disadvantage at times as they can prompt stunted growth of the plant.

The mentioned hardy and tropical hibiscus are widely known. In addition to the two mentioned hibiscus types, there are other types that are worth knowing. They include;

  • The Cinnamon Grappa Hibiscus
  • Marshmallow Hibiscus

The Cinnamon Grappa Hibiscus

This type of the hibiscus is the short type, characterized by its red showy flowers as well as the glossy green leaves. The plant does in warm to high temperatures with a lifespan of about five years.

The Marshmallow Hibiscus

This type is adapted for survival in swampy areas and it is common in the Eastern United States of America. It can grow up to eight feet and blossoms in summer and dies during the cold winters. It is also common in Europe and here it is used to make white marshmallow candy.

The hibiscus demands care from its growers and it is advised that the plant is pruned from time to time, especially in the winter when the plant is much dormant. Pruning ensures a healthy hibiscus plant which is bushier and fuller. The hibiscus existence is also threatened by certain pests such as the whiteflies and the hibiscus beetles. These pests must be controlled to ensure that the hibiscus plant thrives. The pests suck out the juices from the hibiscus leaves and eventually lead to the growth of fungus, which poses a potential threat to the hibiscus plant.

For more information, please visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hibiscus

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