Hibiscus Flower Tea – An Overview

Hibiscus Flower Tea – An Overview

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Hibiscus flower tea is an herbal beverage prepared by infusing the calyces of the Hibiscus sabdariffa flower. It tastes like cranberry juice, and most often honey or sugar is added to the preparation as a sweetener. The tea may be consumed in a hot or cold form based on the individual’s preference. It contains high quantities of Vitamin C and minerals, making it a mild traditional medicine with lots of health benefits.

Health Benefits

Hibiscus tea, if consumed regularly, benefits in providing relief from high blood pressure(read more: Hibiscus Benefits for High Blood Pressure), and high cholesterol. It improves the functions of the digestive system, as well as immune system. It helps to improve overall liver health and lessens the likelihood of cancer. People wanting to shed off some pounds and lose weight naturally can consume hibiscus flower tea, as it speeds up the metabolism for gradual weight loss in a healthy manner. It is loaded with minerals, zinc, Vitamin C, and other antioxidants that reduce stress and anxiety.


For the preparation of hibiscus flower tea, the calyx, a type of shell protecting the flower before it blooms is boiled in water. In certain parts of the world, the tea may also be known by its local name – Roselle. Hibiscus flower tea has a ruby red color with a sour taste. It is low in calories and caffeine-free. It is easily available in the market and can be purchased as and when you’d like to, at an affordable price.


Once you go through all the health benefits the tea offers, you would be eager to try a cup yourself. Here is a recipe that you can use to prepare the beverage at home with some simple ingredients:

  • Take a saucepan to boil 100ml of pure filtered water
  • Add 30gms of dried hibiscus flowers and remove saucepan from heat. Let the liquid remain for a few minutes till it turns dark red.
  • Add 100ml more of pure filtered water to the above mixture. Add some honey depending on your preference to sweeten the preparation.
  • Drink the beverage warm or add lots of ice to make it cooler for a hot day.

You may also add some lime and mint leaves to the ice tea for added flavor.


Hibiscus tea(Wikipedia) must not be consumed with Tylenol or any other drug that contains acetaminophen. This is because the tea might accelerate the speed at which Tylenol spreads in your body, giving you uncomfortable symptoms. Additionally, pregnant and nursing mothers must also be careful as hibiscus flower tea is claimed to affect estrogen levels in the body.

While the health benefits associated with hibiscus flower tea are innumerable, it is best to consult a healthcare practitioner before beginning to consume the tea. If you forget to consult a physician and experience certain symptoms after its consumption, be sure to report it to the doctor. Hibiscus flower tea can have an effect on your bowel movements and bladder function and you must monitor the same to ensure that you are not worsening the situation.

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