Hibiscus Benefits for High Blood Pressure

Hibiscus Benefits for High Blood Pressure

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Hibiscus has provided an alternative when it comes to treating high blood pressure, beating some of the pharmaceutical medicines that exist today. Research has been conducted and emerged that it is true hibiscus can be used as a remedy for high blood pressure patients. Hibiscus provides the preferred alternative when it comes to high blood pressure. It has been voted as a naturally healing edible, which bares minimal to no sides effects as opposed to other pharmaceuticals which have undesirable side effects when consumed with the intention of lowering your blood pressure levels.

The discovering of the abilities of hibiscus to lower blood pressure levels did not happen by accident. Varied researches have been carried out, with the recent discoveries indicating that hibiscus tea is as effective as pharmaceuticals in the market today when it comes to lowering blood pressure levels. It is worth noting that hibiscus, which is also referred to as hibiscus sab Dari FFA has over the years been used as traditional medicine in India and in Africa. Relevant studies were carried out in Africa in Iran, to confirm the benefits of hibiscus in lowering blood pressure. The obtained results were positive. Progressive research has also been conducted in other parts of the world, including Mexico, with the results being positive in all the research cases.

How does hibiscus lower blood pressure?

I know you are probably having questions on how really hibiscus lowers an individual’s blood pressure. Well, Hibiscus has a diuretic characteristic, enabling it to open up blood arteries. When the blood arteries are opened up, then there is an easy flow of blood, eliminating or reducing the chances of high blood pressure. Blood in our body system flows without any constraints.

Hibiscus also acts as a naturally existing angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor. The function of this inhibitor is to slow down blood vessels constricting enzymes. With the release of such enzymes controlled, then our blood pressure level are effectively controlled, cutting down any chances of high blood pressure in our body systems. All thanks to Hibiscus.

Dose recommendations

We now know that hibiscus can be used to lower blood pressure. The next question is, what are the recommended proportions of hibiscus that we should take? The recommended amounts of hibiscus intake are a teaspoon of the dried hibiscus flowers per cup of boiled water. The limit of intake of the hot water mixed with the hibiscus flowers can be increased to a maximum of five teaspoons as suggested in previous studies. These recommendations are bound to change, depending on an individual. It is, therefore, advisable for one to have a blood pressure monitoring kit in order to be in a position to know the amount of dosage that best works for the given individual.


Always consult with your doctor before engaging in this kind of treatment to lower your blood pressure levels. Seek advice from your doctor if you are under other forms of medication, intended to lower your blood pressure levels.

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