The 8 Best Benefits of Matcha Green Tea

Matcha tea has been widely known for its health benefits for years and many research has revealed for its best benefits. We have collected some of them as follows:


Can matcha tea make you smarter?

Possibly. It can certainly help boost brain function, including improved memory and attention.

This is due to two main factors, caffeine and an amino acid called L theanine.

We can’t promise it will turn you into Einstein, but it has been proven to help improve the mental faculties in older adults.


As everyone knows, stress is a killer. So anything that helps to unwind the mind is a good thing.

One of matcha’s proven benefits is its ability to calm us down.

Once again, this is down to the compound L theanine which helps alter the way that caffeine is processed by the body. It prevents that horrible low that comes after having a strong caffeine hit.

The slow, steady release of energy helps promote a feeling of calm.


Matcha is incredibly high in antioxidants. Even more so than green tea – in fact, 137 times more (at least).

One important antioxidant that matcha is rich in are catechins.

These are beneficial to the body’s fight against disease and damage.


One catechin in particular that matcha is very high in is something known as EGCG. This stands for epigallocatechin-3-gallate.

Although it is still early days, it seems that matcha tea might help shrink cancer cells. Trials were conducted in labs to look at the effects of matcha tea on certain types of cancer and the results were positive.

However, more work is needed on this score.


Matcha green tea can help you detox – with less fuss than a lot of the trendy detox diets out there.

But how does a cup of matcha a day help to purify the body?

The clue is in the color – green.

The deep, rich color of matcha tea reveals its chlorophyll rich properties.

It is this green which will help you to detox and shed all the chemicals and metals from your body.


Green tea has been proven scientifically to help strengthen the heart against the risk of heart disease and strokes.  

Since matcha tea is a heavily beefed up version of green tea, it’s fair to assume that these results also go for matcha, possibly even more so!

Matcha tea can lower cholesterol, a leading cause of heart disease and other problems.

Green tea works on lowering the amount of so called ‘bad’ cholesterol and this can help guard against strokes, heart attacks, disease and stress.

However, it needs to be incorporated into a healthy diet and lifestyle – it can’t save you from cholesterol if you eat endless junk food and never do any exercise!


Drink yourself thin is not just a myth. It is reality.

Matcha tea can help dieters shed the pounds, as long as they are sensible and maintain a daily exercise regimen.

Green tea is widely credited for increasing the metabolic rate and helping with burning fat.

Although matcha tea on its own isn’t enough to kick start your weight loss, it can help you give your diet a helping hand.


If you are continually reaching for your handkerchief and perpetually seem to have a cold, then matcha may be able to help you. Try to check this link to know more

Matcha tea contains the vitamins A and C, as well as iron and calcium.

On top of the catechins, this is certainly going to help more than a coffee can do when it comes to avoiding the sniffles this winter!

All this and it makes a great tasting cup of tea!